In the annual residual value forecast by the Auto Bild magazine and the Schwacke valuation specialist, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV and the Skoda Kodiaq TOUR impress with the highest percentage of value retention in the "Electric vehicles over 40,000 euros" and "Medium-sized SUVs" categories. Moreover, after four years and the mileage customary in the market, both cars have an exceptionally high resale value.

The Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV rounds off the series of the electric flagship as a sporty top model. The new price of the vehicle under consideration in the particularly sporty RS version, including selected special equipment, was 59,580 euros at the time of the study. However, after four years and a typical market mileage of 80,000 kilometers, Auto Bild and Schwacke predict the large SUV will have a residual value of 34,151 euros, corresponding to 57.3 percent of its new price. The Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV thus achieves the best percentage of value retention among all "electric vehicles over 40,000 euros" and triumphs as value champion 2022.

The extensively equipped unique model Skoda Kodiaq TOUR leaves the competition behind in the "Medium SUV" segment. The 140 kW (190 hp) 2.0 TSI variant includes all-wheel drive and a 7-speed direct-shift transmission. As a TOUR version, the Skoda Kodiaq has many popular comfort details such as matrix LED headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, parking assistants, and adaptive distance assistants. The large SUV also has the Amundsen navigation system with an 8-inch display, voice control, Infotainment Online, and SmartLink, including wireless compatibility. Equipped this way, the unique model Skoda Kodiaq TOUR, which can no longer be ordered, now costs 49,650 euros. However, after four years and a usual mileage of 60,000 kilometers, owners can resell with up to 65,4 percent of the new price, i.e., 32,451 euros. The Skoda Kodiaq TOUR thus achieves the best result of all "medium-sized SUVs."

For the 19th time, Auto Bild and the Schwacke market research institute have chosen the value champion. Every year, the residual value experts check several hundred parameters for each vehicle and evaluate the used car prices of around 50,000 car models in Germany based on approximately 1.5 million monthly market observations.


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