At the Guangzhou Auto Show, AION debuted the Hyper GT electric car, the pinnacle of a completely new design philosophy and aesthetic application for the AION brand. The style is changing along with the progress of time. We begin with the connection between humans and the natural world, then reimagine how humans and machines might live in harmony with one another, and last offer the AION aesthetic, which is based on this new understanding of the aesthetics of human-machine interaction.

The Vice President of Design of GAC R&D, Fan Zhang, made this statement. The universe began in a single drop of water. The organic biosphere it forms is naturally vibrant and full of life. It's completely visual, celebrating the elegance and efficiency of modern technology. Therefore, we use a water drop as a metaphor and emblem, and develop it further for use in AION simulations.

In 2021, the concept car TIME with the design language of "Teardrop On The Blade" was introduced as part of the "man-machine symbiosis" movement. ENO.146, the world's windiest concept automobile, contributed its aerodynamic optimization technologies to this vehicle. The Hyper GT is now a top electric model thanks to the application of the refined "Water Drop Shaped By The Wind" design language.

Size-wise, the Aion Hyper GT electric sports is unlike any other model in the lineup. Hyper GT's new specialized EV platform allows for a roomier cabin, a larger wheelbase, reduced front and rear overhangs, and massive wheels. The Hyper GT external design team collaborated closely with the aerodynamics team to achieve optimal efficiency in both areas. After all was said and done, the Hyper GT had a Cd of 0.19X, making it the production vehicle with the least wind resistance in the world. GAC has destroyed this record.

The "super symbol" for AION, a liquid metal, inspired the shape of the Hyper GT's body. It's an innovative design that successfully marries sleek bodywork with top-notch aerodynamics.

High-Energy Liquid Titanium is the official moniker for the physical form. The organic curves and front surfaces create the dynamic posture, while the belt line and the back end are kept simple and planar. Creatively exhibiting the shape of "liquid titanium," the curving surface and the plane combine harmoniously.

The Wind Blade Grille opens automatically at a predetermined high speed, reducing drag and wind resistance. It is the first car in the world to have a totally enclosed front fascia. Aion Hyper GT electric sports car has a wide, full, and high rear volume, high deck design, and huge diameter wheels, giving it an aggressive stance and like a cheetah poised for a quick attack. The Wind Spoiler deploys at 80 km/h to improve turning handling and steering by effectively leading airflow and generating downforce as air travels around it. Dihedral synchro-helix actuation technology is used in the front Sky Doors, creating a thrilling and memorable experience for passengers entering and leaving Hyper GT.

Instead of the more common penetrating headlights, the AION Hyper GT has electrode headlights. The electrode symbol has been included in the daytime running lights design to emphasize the electric vibe. The beam of light looks like a pulse current exploding at once under high voltage, delivering the glory of both light and electricity.

Multiple red crystal modules make up the taillights. They produce a rose glow reminiscent of the crystal's light when activated. The sophisticated integration of a package of Intelligent driving aid components, including cameras, radars, and sensors, complements hyper GT's sleek exterior.

In homage to race car design, the 19" dynamic design of six-spoke turbo wheels improve acceleration, handling, and aerodynamics.

Fan Zhang says that the Aion Hyper GT electric sports epitomize the premium AION brand because it is "the right model for the cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge design, value, and sportiness" of the Gac AION brand.


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