Who hasn't fantasized about escaping the struggle of daily life? A road trip through Scandinavia or a camping vacation in southern France, far from crowded hotel complexes, awaits you when you hop in the car and hit the road. A genuine 1967 Volkswagen T1 camper, courtesy of Playmobil and Edeka, is being given away as part of this promotion.

There is no better vehicle to capture the "California feeling" than VW's cult classic, the Volkswagen Bulli. To celebrate the partnership between Edeka and Playmobil, Playmobil is releasing a limited-edition Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus. After a quick stop at Edeka, the young Playmobil couple hops into their mango-colored camper and sets off on their journey.

Camping vacations are here to stay. Millennials and young families, in particular, enjoy the trend of sleeping outdoors, driving to a new location on their own, and being able to do so whenever they want. Many families prefer to invest in a motorhome for the next few years rather than long-distance trips by plane. Recreational vehicle and motorhome registration numbers speak for themselves, with a new record of more than 81,000 motorhomes registered in Germany in 2021, and Volkswagen ID Buzz is my favorite.

On August 1st, Playmobil and Edeka joined forces for some camping fun. To win a cult camper, you must participate in the big competition and post a picture of your campervan. This Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus was delivered from Hanover, Germany, to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1967, making it one of the last of the T1 series. The Volkswagen T1 toured the United States for decades before returning to Europe from Louisiana. All classic car enthusiasts' eyes light up when they see the bus meticulously restored to its original glory in England. An endearing companion, the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus is equally at home in the garage as it is out in the countryside.

Edeka has been selling a limited edition Playmobil 71229 Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus Edeka since August 1st, 2022 (only while stocks last).



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