Victory for the Fiat 500 electric car at the GQs Car Awards 2022: The all-electric model was named "City Car of the Year" by the British lifestyle magazine GQ. The competition, held for the fourteenth time, focused on electric vehicles.

The GQ Car Awards jury was particularly fascinated by the design and performance of the new Fiat 500 electric car, a symbol of Italian creativity and talent. The main reasons for their choice are the timeless style and the innovative drive train, which ensures sustainability and efficiency.

The electrically powered Fiat 500 represents the latest chapter in a legendary story. Since 1957, the Cinquecento, as a symbol of "Made in Italy" and the Italian dolce vita, has accompanied the social and cultural changes in Europe. And today, with the need for eco-friendly mobility becoming ever more urgent, the new Fiat 500 electric car is the perfect and affordable solution for those who value sustainability and modern, distinctive design.

The "City Car of the Year" award at the GQ Car Awards 2022 is the 25th international award for the new Fiat 500 electric car.


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