Over time, many myths about marriage have been born. Some of them are encouraging and make us all dream of the moment we will formalize our relationship. But unfortunately, other myths make some women shy away from marriage, fear, or even behave destructively once they become married.

Here are some myths about marriage that you shouldn't believe!

1. Equality is crucial in marriage

At first, you may have doubts. After all, a relationship is a partnership based on collaboration, isn't it? Correct! However, sometimes one of the partners will have to compromise. It won't always be possible to divide everything into perfect halves - whether it's responsibilities or a good dessert. It can happen that your partner is going through a difficult period, and you will have to support him and take on some of the responsibilities. Or vice versa! The belief that you must share everything equally at all times is hazardous. It can lead to frustration and serious conflicts.

2. One partner must always know what to do to make the other happy

"We only understand each other by sight" sounds romantic, but it is a harmful concept to any relationship. Even if there is strong chemistry between you, this does not mean that you always have to know what to do for the happiness of the other. Communication is essential, especially regarding frustrations or problems as a couple.

3. Couple therapy is only for those who find no other solutions

One of the biggest myths about marriage is that only couples with irreparable problems resort to therapy out of sheer despair, trying to save their almost destroyed relationship.

In fact, just as a person can go to therapy for seemingly minor problems, such as stress or a specific anxiety-generating situation, married couples can seek the help of specialists whenever they feel the need. Moreover, married couples who address their insecurities in therapy will communicate better and will last longer than those who ignore their problems.

4. For marriage to work, you have to have a lot in common

Many believe a couple should have everything in common - from beliefs and mentality to hobbies. Well, even though the top ones on the list are significant, the different hobbies are not a problem. On the contrary, the partners will have small moments just for them, which is highly healthy in any marriage.

5. The appearance of a child in marriage solves any problem

You've probably heard a story about a couple who were "rescued" by their newborn baby at least once. However, the truth is that the birth of a child in a dysfunctional marriage can cause different problems. The partners' diverse perspectives and the existing tension can lead to unresolved conflicts. So, before you think about a child, ensure that your relationship is healthy and balanced, and the desire to have a baby is genuine, not just an attempt to save your marriage.


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