Marriage can be a moment that changes your life entirely because there are many responsibilities with signing the civil status document. The next phase after the wedding is to conceive a child, which involves reconfiguring the journey through life, changing the order of priorities, and the emergence of a long line of compromises. Obviously, each couple's experience is different, and there may be couples who share only luck and happiness or who can lead a carefree life, despite the changes that occur.

However, to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun of life (which you won't be able to experience just as quickly after marriage), you might want to do whatever it takes to say the big "YES" in front of the registrar. For example, suppose you want to avoid tensions between you and your spouse. In that case, you will need to go through some steps together that will help you get to know each other better, have fun together, and get closer, learning to appreciate your qualities and tolerate minor defects.

Here are seven things you must do before you get married:

1. Understanding each other's values ​​and beliefs.

Principles affect a person's decisions, and you must learn to embrace the values ​​of the person next to you unless you want differences of opinion between you. When you know the other person's limitations and what they like and dislike, you can communicate differently with them and find the best approach in complicated situations. Think that you will spend the rest of your life with that person, so you need to know what to expect in the future. If you do not want to be put in his place and find out how he feels, you will not be able to maintain harmony in your relationship until the end.

2. Travel with him.

Planning a trip for two will help you see how you cope with stressful times and unforeseen adventures. Something unexpected happens every holiday. If you haven't been somewhere together, now is the time to book accommodation and buy your tickets. There is no need for a remote, expensive, or luxurious location. It should be an area that you both enjoy and be able to participate in activities that appeal to both of you. In addition, you will be left with unforgettable memories of the destinations you first saw in each other's arms. You will associate those moments with your love.

3. Talk to your partner about money.

A discussion about your future, income, and efforts to live a carefree life would be ideal before marriage. It would be best to determine from the outset what obligations and duties each has, given that such a union is not based solely on rights and benefits. A precarious financial situation could break up your marriage, and you need to think about solutions in advance or make a backup plan in case one of you becomes unemployed. Everyone has to contribute to household expenses in one way or another. Otherwise, the other person will end up feeling extremely frustrated.

4. Talk about children.

Your plans should coincide with living a quiet, uncontrollable life because of different desires. Almost any couple wants to become a family at some point, and this often involves the birth of a child (or children). How about a thorough discussion about how little you want to have, when to make them and how to raise them? It would help a lot to realize that it is a decision that requires a lot of emotional involvement and will fill both of you with responsibilities. But complex things turn out to be the most beautiful, don't they?

5. Living together for a while.

You won't know each other until you live under the same roof. You will only notice the other person's bad habits; you will try to see what you have to change to make the relationship work, despite the slight differences between you. You will learn to be more tolerant, mold yourself one after the other, and talk openly about all the issues. Before marriage, it is good to know if you are compatible on all fronts and if you are enduring for a long time in each other's presence. It is not necessary to buy a house before the wedding, but only to stay for a while in rent or at the parental home of one of you.

6. Participate with him/her in various events/activities.

Common passions bind you from the beginning, and you should never forget to develop or enjoy them. You can also choose to learn new things together and take lessons in certain areas that you want to discover. What's the point? It would make you realize how many things you have in common with your soul mate and how many differences between you. In addition, you will be prepared for family life when you participate in various events to which you will be invited. You are more confident when you know what to expect from your partner and when you learn to anticipate his gestures.

7. To know the relatives of the one who will be by your side all your life.

You will live forever with the person you have chosen, but you will have to endure even the old ones and the people with them. Whether it's family, friends, or colleagues, you'll need to know them and make sure you have a good relationship with them. In this way, you will avoid family conflicts and prevent others from alienating your future spouse from you. Creating a strong bond with your loved ones will also help you develop your couple because you will become more and more open if you spend quality time with the rest of the world around you.

Marriage is a crucial and extraordinary step, but sometimes it is a challenge, and you have to make sure that you are ready to face it. Often, love is not enough, so you need to make a deep connection with your other half, which exists beyond time, space, or the hardships of life. So take advantage of the period of acquaintance before you sign in the marriage register! @via Velvet cushion.


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