Citroen's My Ami Cargo electric courier van is an even cuter version of the company's small two-seater city vehicle. The 7.8-foot-long and 4.5-foot-wide Citroen My Ami Cargo is identical to the passenger model it replaces. However, because of the EV's small size, the carmaker was limited in the amount of cargo space it could provide. So, it decided to eliminate the passenger seat, leaving it with only one seat.

Citroen removed the passenger seat and replaced it with an eight-stage cargo module with a 260-liter storage capacity. Basically, it is a plastic container with a cover and a desk or shelf where you may keep electronic tablets and paper papers in order. Owners can also remove this lid to make place for higher items.

Additionally, a vertical divider separates the driver's seat from the storage space, yet it does not affect the driver's field of vision.

Citroen defines its electric freight carrier as a zero-emission option for delivery drivers and company owners in metropolitan areas. Citroen My Ami Cargo electric minivan, like its city sibling, is designed solely for city driving at modest speeds. It's compact 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery can go 47 miles on a single charge. It is hence equipped. Citroen My Ami Cargo's 8-horsepower engine allows it to go at a top speed of 28 mph. The battery may be recharged in three hours or less using a standard household 220-volt outlet.

The little electric minivan will be on sale in France in June for a low price of 6,400 euros, around $7,800 at the current currency rate. In addition to purchasing the product, customers may lease it for a monthly payment of 24 euros. However, it is unclear whether the Cargo will be accessible in the United States, so hold off on placing your order just yet.


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