Peugeot Sport has made a long-term deal with Marelli, a global leader in the auto industry with a lot of experience in motorsport and high-performance technologies. This association is based on developing an efficient electric solution to meet the extreme performance requirements of the hybrid powertrain of the Peugeot 9X8 hypercar.

In particular, Marelli is responsible for developing and supplying a bespoke, high-performance silicon carbide-based electric motor and inverter, which form part of the electric drive system for the front axle. The focus of development is on maximizing the efficiency and reliability of the system. In addition, the motor and inverter technology is adapted to use weight and volume effectively.

Marelli offers know-how in developing, manufacturing, and using high-performance hybrid drives and all-electric drive systems and expertise in energy recovery systems and all-electric drive systems - the result of experiences and applications in the most recent important motorsport world championships.

The collaboration marks a fresh chapter in the long history of cooperation between Marelli and Peugeot, both in motorsport and for serial production for everyday use. This includes the supply of electronics and telemetry in long-distance competitions for the Peugeot 905 and Peugeot 908. Furthermore, the new technological cooperation aims to advance the development of the powertrain and mobility towards intelligent electrification solutions.

As part of the partnership, Marelli will also receive the exclusive status of "Peugeot Sport Official Partner," which, in addition to technology, provides for mutual support in sponsorship, branding, and marketing. Remembering the tradition of the Peugeot 905, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Sportscar Championship in the 1990s, Marelli will again be present with its logo on the livery of the Peugeot 9x8 Hypercar. The logo will also appear on racers' overalls, team clothing, official partner spaces, and other communications.

Olivier Jansonne, Peugeot Technical Director: "We welcome Marelli to the Peugeot 9X8 hypercar project. We have worked with Marelli for many years, and our teams share the same enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. This hypercar project is an amazing chance to combine our skills and develop, test, and use a new and powerful electric motor on the track. This is how we want to make the Peugeot 9X8 hypercar a success."

CEO of Marelli Motorsport, Riccardo De Filippi, said: "We look forward to the new collaboration with Peugeot Sport. Together, we already have a long and successful tradition in endurance racing history. What also connects us is our history and technical experience in motorsport competitions. Once again, we have combined all our skills to push the performance of such a special and powerful vehicle to the limit, using the most advanced Marelli electric propulsion technology."


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