This week, Sofia Karlsson released a new single, "Till Soldaterna." On May 25, artist and composer Sofia Karlsson will release a new album. Sånger från broccolifälten (Songs from the broccoli fields) reflects a new chapter in Sofia's life. The new album is about the present, perspective, and change. It is also about the decision to move, live a free life, and above all, a life with less stress and more silence.

Sofia's fingertip feeling and poetry run like a common thread across the new album. "To the Soldiers" is the first single from the album and has an almost bad/good timing that touches on current topics.

The popular and acclaimed artist and composer Sofia Karlsson has been active for twenty years. She possesses perseverance and raw strength in her artistry. The big breakthrough came in 2005 with Black Ballads, which sold platinum and received both Swedish and Danish Grammys. However, her interpretations of Dan Andersson's poems still belong to her most beloved deeds and never seem to go out of date. The album was followed by a diligent tour with sold-out concerts in Sweden and many parts of the world. Since then, Sofia Karlsson has released seven albums in her name, all nominated or awarded Grammys.

In 2009, Sofia started the record company Sally Wiola Music, where she is active as a music producer. Sofia is also the initiator of the Slow Art movement, a process philosophy where both music and art must take time and grow organically.

Sånger från broccolifälten (Songs from the broccoli fields) is released via Sally Wiola Music.

You can listen to "To the Soldiers." via@ Sofia Karlsson.


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