With an event under the motto "Setting a new Tempo," Fiat confirmed that it continues to drive forward on the path to electrification. The partnership between the Fiat brand and the Bocelli family was also the focus of the evening at the Alpemare Beach Club in Forte di Marmi on the Tuscan Mediterranean coast.

Star tenor Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo jointly presented the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli, the world's first electrically powered city car equipped with the "Virtual Venues" sound technology from JBL. Matteo Bocelli also presented his new single "Tempo" (Capital Records), which forms the soundtrack to the communication campaign for the launch of the Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli. The development of "Virtual Venues" and the music video for "Tempo" is the subject of a documentary film, which is also available online.

Olivier François, Fiat CEO, and Stellantis Global CMO: "Andrea and Matteo Bocelli are two special people who made this evening unique and with whom we developed a great project. We have developed the new Fiat 500e 'la Prima' by Bocelli and a unique premium audio system tuned using Maestro Bocelli's perfect pitch. Matteo Bocelli's new single 'Tempo' is the soundtrack of the TV commercial for our new model. Bocelli didn't just design a car with the Fiat 500e 'la Prima.' We have created an experience, a wonderful Italian experience. There is one essential aspect of driving an electric vehicle: silence. The relaxing atmosphere of a quiet vehicle interior is the perfect place for an incomparable music experience. Passengers aboard the Fiat 500e 'la Prima' by Bocelli will feel like they are sitting in an opera box. In short, we didn't bring an automobile into Bocelli's world, but Bocelli's world onboard our iconic model."

Andrea Bocelli: "I am delighted with this unprecedented and ambitious collaboration. The beauty search has always been my main inspiration. In the spirit of the Fiat 500, a global style icon, we have teamed up to deliver a new adventure and multi-sensory harmony. And with the innovative audio technology that we have developed, every journey is enriched with the desired emotion. Our inner voice - after all, we all sing in our hearts - will enjoy the experience of a theatre, an open-air arena, or a recording studio. I am honored that this exclusive model variant of the Fiat 500e is named after me. But I think that this vehicle should bear the name of the people who choose to strive for beauty,

Matteo Bocelli: "I am deeply honored to participate in this incredible partnership. My thanks to Fiat for making this project and this unique audio system possible. Many thanks to Olivier François and the fantastic team who have been working hard on this project for months. Thank you to William9 and his team for the incredible and beautiful work on the official video for 'Tempo,' a song that I co-wrote and is very close to my heart."

Christian Sobottka, President of HARMAN Automotive: "Our collaboration with Fiat on this new model draws on JBL's rich experience in creating magical audio moments for today and tomorrow. Andrea Bocelli's expertise combined with JBL's acoustic expertise has resulted in an exceptional audio system that brings the power of music to life and amplifies driving pleasure."

The event at the Alpemare Beach Club was also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Fiat 500e. With 30 international awards to date, it is the best-selling all-electric city car in eleven European countries and ranks second behind Tesla among all-electric vehicles in Europe. In Italy and France, the Fiat 500e is the best-selling electric model. In Germany, the largest market for electric cars in Europe, the Fiat 500e is in second place. The future of Fiat's iconic model is global. After Europe, the Fiat 500e is also in Brazil and Japan.

Fiat is stepping up the pace of its electrification strategy, accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. After the recently introduced hybrid versions of the Fiat 500X and the Fiat Tipo, the Italian brand has a range of electrified models in each field. From 2024, Fiat will also offer every new model in Europe with an electric drive. Furthermore, from 2027, Fiat will completely abandon fossil fuels in Europe.

The whole world of Andrea Bocelli can now be heard in the new Fiat 500e electric car, thanks to JBL's refined Virtual Venues technology and Bocelli's perfect pitch. The exclusive sound system JBL Premium Audio Mastered by Bocelli, ensures an impressive sound experience. The star tenor chose four locations from previous performances to create so-called "Virtual Venues":

My Music Room transforms the Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli into a cozy music room with a warm sound. "This is what my favorite music room at home sounds like: a relaxing cocoon dedicated to perfect sound."

My Recording Studio recreates, according to Bocelli, "the acoustics of my recording studio, an intimate space created for artists to capture perfection."

In Pisa, G. Verdi Opera House puts listeners in the front row of a concert hall such as the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi. "I made my debut in this opera, one of the best concert halls in the world. We recreated it acoustically to give the listener the full operatic experience."

My Open Air Arena reproduces the atmosphere of a live concert in the open air. "This acoustic mode is inspired by the Teatro del Silenzio, my amphitheater on a hilltop in Tuscany. Here the tranquility of nature mixes with the pure energy of open-air concerts," says Maestro Bocelli.

In addition to the four sound settings of the "Virtual Venues," the JBL Premium Audio Mastered by Bocelli provides the functions of a high-end sound system. These include the intelligent volume control, which maintains the perceived music playback level and the balance of the low frequencies regardless of the interior noise at different driving speeds. The system also includes variable equalizers that ensure a smoother sound experience irrespective of outside noise.

The meeting of two icons, one musical and one automotive, poses a significant challenge for an audio system. Therefore, it was necessary to combine the aesthetics of the Fiat 500e "La Prima" by Bocelli with the innovative premium audio system from JBL, designed by the Italian master tenor Andrea Bocelli was matched.

A film team accompanied the development of the "Virtual Venues." Olivier François and Andrea Bocelli review the history of the system's origins. In addition, the JBL engineers go into detail about the premium audio system and explain how the virtual venues work and what technical details are behind it. Director Ago Panini shot the spot for the production company Movie Magic, and the new song "Tempo" by Matteo Bocelli provides the background music.

The summery song "Tempo" was written by Matteo Bocelli and Ido Zmishlany, Nolan Sipe, and Max Wolfgang. Zmishlany produced the title and published it in English and Spanish. "Tempo" has a brilliant and lively melody. The song is included on Matteo Bocelli's debut album in 2023 on Capitol Records.


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