The Amsterdam Trade Bank has filed for bankruptcy. The Russian parent company Alfa Bank was previously affected by US sanctions. Following bankruptcy on the European banking market: As reported by ", ", the Amsterdam Trade Bank has now had to file for bankruptcy.

The same thing happened to Sberbank Europe, based in Vienna, in March. Both institutes have connections to Russian banks. The parent company of ATB Alfa-Bank is currently affected by US sanctions.

According to the Dutch central bank, the Amsterdam Trade Bank recently had 23,000 private deposit customers. Affected savers will receive a letter from the DNB on how they can get their reimbursement.

Smaller European financial institutions are refinancing themselves through retail deposits, which is why savers in this country are also affected by insolvencies such as Sberbank Europe or ATB. For the banking industry, this has the advantage that you do not have to pay for the damage.

As reports: the bankruptcy of the Amsterdam Trade Bank had already been suggested in the past few weeks. Dutch business magazines, for example, reported a loss of confidence on the part of depositors.

There was speculation about a sale of the Amsterdam Trade Bank in the past week; instead, bankruptcy has now been announced.


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