From its birth in Romania in 1968, Dacia has transformed itself into an international brand over the past two decades. Currently, car number 10 million is driving on the assembly line at the Mioveni plant in Romania.

There is undeniably a long way from the first Dacia 1100, which saw the light of day in August 1968, and to the Dacia models, we know today. From being a locally licensed car to today being its brand with enormous ambitions and factories in Morocco, Algeria, and China.

The visible proof of Dacia's success came this week when car number 10 million drove off the assembly line at the factory in Romania.

"We are very proud to have passed the symbolic 10 million cars produced. It is the result of a vision we have always had. To produce cars that offer what customers demand at the best possible price. We continue this journey, and Dacia will continue to grow and offer attractive cars adapted to our customer's needs and lifestyle," Denis le Vot - CEO of Dacia & Lada, in connection with the anniversary.

It all started with the Dacia 1100 model.

Dacia began with the 1100 model, later followed by the 1300 model, which lived for 35 years. So to that extent, a car has been a prominent part of the Romanian street scene.

But that all changed in 1999 when Renault bought the Dacia. A new chapter in Romanian car history was to be written. With the launch of Dacia Logan in 2004, Dacia entered the international scene, and in 2005 the first Dacia factory opened outside Romania - namely in Casablanca, Morocco.

But with the introduction of Dacia Sandero in 2008 and Dacia Duster in 2010, production capacity had to be expanded again, and a new factory was added in both Morocco and Algeria. The latest international shot at the trunk is the factory in Shyian, China, where Dacia Spring is produced.

Dacia Sandero is an international bestseller.

If you look at which Dacia models have been the best-selling, the first place is held by Dacia Sandero and the variant Stepway. Dacia Sandero was first shown at the Geneva Motorshow in 2008. It has sold a total of 2.6 million. copies and has since 2017 had 1st place as the best-selling car for private customers (not company cars, fleet, etc.)

In 2nd place is the Dacia 1300, which sold 2.3 million copies. But, where Sandero only had 14 years to reach the 2.6 million produced, Dacia 1300 had 35 years to go to the 2.3 million copies. In 3rd place - and with "only" 12 years behind it - you will find Dacia Duster, which has been sold 2.1 million copies and has been the best-selling SUV since 2018. Finally, Dacia Logan / Dacia Logan MCV, which kickstarted the transformation to today's international and modern car manufacturer, is in 4th place with almost 2 million copies sold. @via Dacia.


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